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The Sunday Co. - NEW PINS?! Yes Please!

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he Sunday Co. - NEW PINS?! Yes Please!

A few weeks ago, whilst limping my way round Wellygeddon looking for food I was suddenly halted in my tracks, blinded like a magpie, totally awestruck by a whole bunch of awesome! Awesome in the form of amazing, collectible, enamel pins!

 Let me introduce you to The Sunday Co. These guys are a small collective of awesome creatives based in the Gold Coast of Australia. A lot of their pins are geek, nerd, fandom kinda styles but my faves are the mash ups like the Pokeball Deathstar Pin or the I Am Bart Pin.

Whenever I look at bringing a new brand to Cobalt Heights its super important to me that I make sure its something different and unique. We are really proud and excited to be the first (and only for now) NZ stockist of this incredible brand.

The pins have an excellent price point at only $15 each with Free Shipping making them a great choice for treating yourself, birthdays or even Secret Santa gifts. Our first batch of new stock has over 40 new styles and they are all up and listed now - SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Click HERE to see the new styles x

Don't forget to like our Facebook Page - Once we are home from Armageddon Tauranga and Christchurch we will be having a cool little giveaway to celebrate this wicked new brand!

Website Limited 21-03-18 till 03-04-18

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BACK TO SCHOOL BABY! (With a kickarse Loungefly Bundle!)

I don't know about you mama, but the school holidays are the best of times and the worst of times round here. I love the extra time with my kids, and being able to just chill out without a strict "wake up, get dressed, brush yo teeth" routine. Staying up later than usual, eating junk [...]

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Star Wars - The Last Jedi - OMG!!!

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Did somebody say EXCLUSIVE?!

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Get your Kids sorted for Christmas - Cobalt Heights & Squoodles

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Quick Fire Questions With A Beauty School Drop Out - Cobalt Heights & Fran Robertson

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If You Ain't First You're Last!

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New Sourpuss @ Cobalt Heights

New Sourpuss @ Cobalt HeightsYesssss girl! You know that Cobalt Heights is always gonna keep you sweet when it comes to awesome new Sourpuss gear right? Last week I was lucky enough to be featured on the Sourpuss Blog! Obviously this is a HUGE deal! I was so honored to have been asked. You can read the [...]

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